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Let family and friends know you are safe


Let friends and family know you are safe

MyShout Technology is an American multinational technology corporation. The company owns MyShout and provides other services on its website. MyShout is an application to alert family and friends during an emergency, and for family and friends to communicate and stay connected through its chat platform


Customers MyShout

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I am very happy and satisfy with this app this app has great features which I want in my routine life thanks to MyShout

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I’ve tried a lot of apps with a similar purpose, but this is by far the best. Easy to use, and beautiful graphics. Thanks to MyShout.

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If you are always concerned about your children’s safety and their location at any time, then equip your children with MyShout app. My family is enjoying MyShout features. Thanks to MyShout.
MyShout is easy to use. My uneducated grandmother knows what button to press if she is in danger. I like the fact that you don’t need to type anything before you can notify your family and friends when you are in danger. Truly, MyShout is a great invention. Thanks to MyShout.